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Kinderlime revolutionizes child care management

This week Kinderlime cemented it’s position as leader in child care management software with a revolutionary update of it’s parent app on both the Android play store and the iOS apps store. The Kinderlime app is the goto place for parents to receive communication from their school or child care center. The app allows parents to view their billing information as well. Now with a click of a button on their phones parents can add their credit card or bank accounts and pay the school for after school, preschool or daycare fees.

Antiqued child care management software is a thing of the past with Kinderlime Sign In-Out, Billing, Online Payments, Daily Sheets and Parent apps. Child care administrators can bill parents based on the weekly, monthly or dropin rates. Statements of how much the parents owe is available in the app. Kinderlime is leading the mobile revolution by bringing billing, pictures, daily sheets and notifications on a smartphone of a parent. Help your parents stay on top of their child’s day and simplify your paperwork by using Kinderlime today.

Parent app from Kinderlime
Parent app from Kinderlime

Real time child care ratios and attendance

Kinderlime is continuing to innovate on how child care centers can proactively look at ratios and attendance. We released a feature which is being loved by daycares all across the world. This feature allows daycares to look up attendance chart and find out which rooms need the most staffing.

Have you ever faced a situation where Licensing was to come in and check on whether you were keeping adequate staff and child ratios? California has severe citations for not keeping up with ratios. Here in Kinderlime we take this seriously and want to help you manage staffing. On the Sign In-Out app, directors can view how many teachers are there in the room along with the kids. They can view historical reports in 30 minute increments and schedule their staff based on how many children are present in their school.

Ratios in Child care
Ratios in Child care

Something all childcare directors love on their Kinderlime sign in out smartphone app : the live Ratio status. It’s like having your school operations in your hand. It’s so comforting to watch this when you can’t be at school that day and still see how kids and your staff are doing.

Real time ratio and attendance status on a Tablet
Real time ratio and attendance status on a Tablet

Child Care Billing Software

If you are a child care administrator, time tracking and billing parents can be a big chore. It requires accurate tracking of sign in out sheets and then adding up those time sheets to finally bill parents.

Are you spending a lot of time in managing these time sheets and arguing with parents of how much they owe? What if there was a child care billing software app for tracking the time the students spend in your child care program? What if there was an easier way to send parents child care invoices?

Flexibility is key when it comes to child care billing. We offer parents the flexibility of paying through checks, cash, bank accounts,  and credit cards.

Kinderlime offers a timeclock app, billing, and an online payment software all integrated into one just for your needs. Our child care billing software allows parents to pay online. Whether you are attendance tracking or collecting payments, you will never need a single sheet of paper again.

We make it extremely easy for you to record time and signatures and then let our child care billing software do the rest. Child care pickup and activity tracking is extremely easy too. We have helped thousands of childcare programs to go paperless. And they save over 40 hours each month using us. If you need to discuss your after school billing please hop over to the Kinderlime website and Sign Up or request a demo.

Kinderlime releases Electronic Billing and Payments for Childcare and Afterschool

This was long coming. Kinderlime had been a fantastic tool for Sign In-Out and Parent Communication for our Schools. But our Preschool and Daycares were still using clunky solutions in Paper or in Old style PC solutions for billing parents. This looked so outdated and and they were wasting valuable time and following a process that was error prone.

Kinderlime today released the Billing Feature for Afterschool and Childcare / Daycares. This we believe will liberate our childcare customers from the agony of collecting tuition, extended care and activity based payments. A daycare can easily create invoices, email statements, record payments and print out the family billing history in our easy to use Family Billing Feature. This new Feature is FREE for Daycares as long as they are paying customers of our Sign In-Out product.

What follows is even more exciting. Now you can collect Bank to Bank Payments or Credit card payments from Payments. Parents can click on the invoice you send them and add their payment information. Thereafter you’ll be able to Do Batch Billing and Payments for all parents who have entered their payment information. After collecting the payments, the Daycare will be able to send the parents the monthly statement.

For Afterschool, a time based charge can be created and then billed to parents. There is a lot that we have addressed in this latest release, so Sign Up on Kinderlime and experience the revolution.

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