4 Things to Know Before the Summer: Afterschool

4 Things to Know Before the Summer: Afterschool Edition


While finishing up the school year, it’s easy to slip into the state of summer dreaming. That summer trip to the beach, the camping trip, and all those wine spritzers. But don’t forget about all the work next year will bring. Your job will still be there next year and that includes ALL the fun paperwork ready to bombard you from day 1.

How do you prevent yourself from falling into the same pattern? How do you break the cycle and give future you a break from anarchy?


While finishing up the year, make sure you reserve some time to think about the start of the next year – these 4 tips come from afterschool directors, program coordinators, and Kinderlime:

New Students

You probably have a process in place for the new wave of students who will join your afterschool program either this summer or next year. Comb it over. Make sure the onboarding process is as simple and as intuitive as possible. You were inevitably asked a few specific questions at the start of this past school year. Add those answers to your welcome newsletter, email, or packet.

Speak with colleagues

Speak with the head of your afterschool program, or the rest of your team, around what they expect for the upcoming year. Make sure you are all on the same page. Expectations and procedure should all be smoothed out on both ends. You want to ensure a smooth transition into the following year

Additionally, speak with colleagues at other afterschool programs. Find out how they approach the new school year and some of the tips, trick, tools they use to ensure everything runs smoothly. They may have some ideas or tools which could benefit future you.


It’s constantly being created and enhanced for a reason. To HELP you. Your phone is now your all-in-one tool. You use a computer, because typewriters are exhausting and paper is impractical. So why not try to enhance aspects of your job and your afterschool program to make your life (and the lives of your staff and parents) easier.

Afterschool management software companies, like Kinderlime, were designed with you in mind. We provide program management to help minimize paperwork and streamline the nuances of your program allowing you to focus on the things you love about your job. We want to help future you just a little bit happier and more satisfied in your work.

Treat Yo’self

Treat Yourself

The most important thing to do before the school ends is to treat yourself. You work tirelessly to ensure they have this program aimed at building their character, connecting with their peers over a shared passion, and providing a place for them to learn and have fun. You are doing a great thing for the families in your community. Keep that in mind as you look towards that summer vacation. You are making a difference and you deserve to treat yourself.

Go into the new program year prepared, confident and reinvigorated. Prepare for the things you CAN handle. There will always be little fires sprouting up, but nothing you can’t handle in the moment.

“Confidence is preparation. Everything else is beyond your control.” – Richard Kline