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Childcare Management Solution and Apps for your Program

Childcare management software has traditionally been very difficult to set up and learn. It was initially installed using CDs or even floppy disks, with training material in thick user manuals that we now use as doorstops. This is what most users experience when using an out-of-date childcare software system (we will leave their names out of this, but I think you know what they are).

Procare and EZCare software
Director using Childcare software of the 1990’s

This idea of on-site software has changed with childcare apps like Kinderlime. Specifically with the transparency and ease-of-use of the following:

(1) Sign In-Out and Staff Time Clock

(2) Parent communication, Photos and Daily sheets

(3) Billing and Reporting

Thousands of family daycares, preschools, childcare centers, and after schools have switched to cloud-based childcare management software, like Kinderlime, to make their business more efficient and their parents happier. With Kinderlime childcare management solution, daycare businesses are moving to a simple and yet full featured childcare software . Within an hour of signing up for Kinderlime, former Procare users like Joy Learning center and Neighborhood Christian center were sending invoices to parents.

The Kinderlime Parent app has been transformative for daycares and it’s families. Parents pay their tuition through the app, view photo and daily sheet notifications, and send messages to the daycare staff. So, check out what Kinderlime offers. Try out Kinderlime for a free 14-day trial and see if it’s right for your program.