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Top Blogs and Resources for Daycare Owners

There are some great advantages to running your own daycare. If you have children, you can be with them yourself instead of paying for childcare and missing their first steps or first words. You are your own boss and determine how much you make, what hours you’ll set, and what your daily schedule will be. You experience the highs and lows as each child grows and learns in your care, hugging them when they’re sad and celebrating their successes.

At the same time, we know that running a daycare can be stressful, difficult, energy-draining. Sometimes it may feel like you’re going at it alone, and it’s all too much to handle. In order to reduce the stress of managing your daycare, it’s important to have as many resources as possible at your fingertips.

Daycare and preschool owners are in many ways superheroes. However, you don’t need the world to rest of your shoulders! We’ve compiled some resources for people who are considering opening their own home daycare or have already been running their daycare for a while and just need some support.

Our Top Daycare Blog Picks

TopDaycareCenters provides practical advice on topics like tax deductions for daycare providers and the cost of starting a home daycare in their Childcare Articles and Resources section. They also have a helpful Parenting Tips section.

Check out How to Run a Home Daycare to learn from Jana’s journey as she opened her own home daycare. Jana includes tips and resources for starting and running a home childcare center, handling behavioral issues, and organizing various learning activities.

Hopping In has lots of great articles about running a daycare business, ranging from increasing your revenue and client base to improving staff orientation and relationships.

Tom Copeland writes a Family Daycare Blog focusing on the business of running a daycare from taxes to billing and all the little nuances you need to know.

Teacher Resources

Deborah Stewart’s blog provides creative activities for your preschool and daycare children, and has incredible resources for parents. You’ll also find a very active discussion on some great activities for preschoolers on her Facebook page.

A Few Fantastic YouTube Channels

eHow: How to Own a Daycare has 36 videos that walk you through each aspect of opening and running a daycare. Check out the other playlists in eHow’s channel for tips on crafts, snacks, small businesses, and education (what am I saying — eHow has videos about how to do everything).

Work Life Glue is run by married couple San and Sarah, who share their experiences running a daycare while balancing work and life with their two daughters. They’re wonderfully open with their experiences and stories.

Danielle Paige has an extremely informative video called Day Care Q&A | Qualifications, Money, Location, Consulting. Danielle is a home daycare owner who has become successful enough to move to a commercial building to open her own childcare center. In this video, she answers her followers’ questions regarding the process of opening and running a daycare.

We will continue to add to this article as we find more resources that we think you should know about. If you’re just starting out, remember that there’s no need to reinvent the wheel! We at Kinderlime are also doing our best to make your life easier. If you’re interested in paperless sign in-out, daily activities, parent communication, and automated online billing, check out our website for more information.

Check out more of our blog for features and insights around such things as increasing attendance in afterschool, a childcare’s guide to social media, product releases and more!

Updated January 2018