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Sign In-Out Reports

sign in out1024 2Tracking sign in-out records can be a real pain. Thankfully, Kinderlime makes attendance tracking a breeze. You can easily generate daily, monthly, and custom attendance and sign in-out records. Kinderlime’s electronic sign in-out reports will save you time, money and paper. 


Sign In-Out Report Features:

  • Generate daily, monthly and custom sign in-out reports
  • Reports record sign in-out times, days attended, total hours attended and more
  • Record early drop-offs and late pickups
  • Easily find missed parent sign in-out records
  • Excel and print detailed attendance records


Daily and Monthly Sign In-Out Reports

Sign In-Out reports are a very important part of running your program. In a preschool they are used to comply with licensing and record when parents check in and check out a child. In an after-school, it is used to find the number of hours the students spend in the program so that parents can be more easily billed. Once you start using the Kinderlime system, these reports are very easy to generate.

Daily Report and Monthly Report are preset into the system and an option for a custom report is added that allows you to fine tune your information.

Monthly Sign In-Out Reports
Monthly Sign In Report

Screenshot (30)

 Daily Sign In Report


For more information on reports, you can refer to the video in our Help Center here.