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Teacher-Child Ratios – Remaining in Compliance

I can remember when keeping track of Teacher-Child Ratios was like a never ending paper chase game of who was where, when, and for how long.  By the time I was done making my updates the numbers would change all over again.   Thankfully we now have a way to use technology to sign-in and sign-out children at our Center.  In turn this technology allows us to instantly and accurately track the Teacher-Child Ratios.


Kinderlime uses IPhone apps as a way for parents to sign their children in and out of their Community Care Centers.   While parents enjoy the convenience of this system the Center Owners adore its flexibility and accuracy.  Not only does your State Licensing Division require such accurate records for each child in attendance, but they will also hand out hefty fines to the Centers in non-compliance (Title 22, 101229.1).

This same technology also helps Center Owners keep track of their Teacher-Child Ratios.  When children are signed in or out it instantly reflects so on the electronic school roster.  At any given time the Director can see how many children are in each classroom and adjust Teacher-Child Ratios as needed.  As an added bonus, you can use the same system for Teacher Clock In-Out as well.

 So, thanks to Kinderlime’s New Sign-In and Sign-Out System, Parents get to enjoy its convenience and Center Owners get to enjoy its flexibility and accuracy.  There is nothing better than knowing how easy it can be to stand in compliance with your States Community Care Licensing Requirements.

So, if you find yourself playing the paper game and are ready to try something new,

Contact Us At:   408-658-0030 or email contact@kinderlime.com for a Free Trial and Setup.

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