Preschool Newsletters in Kinderlime

23 Mar

Newsletters is a great way of communicating with families in your preschool and childcare center. A more general use of newsletters is Lunch menus, Lesson Plans and Daily/Monthly/Weekly Newsletters. With Kinderlime you can add pictures/clipart and also use our native web editor to create beautiful newsletters. You can easily tag a child or the whole room or the whole school when sending a newsletter. A copy of each newsletter gets sent to you. Image

Newsletters are sent to parents in an email and always available as an archive in their parent account on Kinderlime. 

If you have not created a newsletter yet – then please register your daycare on the website. Thereafter you can add children and create a newsletter and send one. You’ll find a newsletter tab on the top navigation bar after login.

  1. Insert class photos - If you pictures using the Kinderlime app then you can add those pictures in your newsletters 

  2. Embed cliparts from the web - Do you know that Google Images is a great resource for finding some nice clipart images for your newsletters. You can use these images in your newsletters too

  3. Embed cliparts from your local image library - If you have cliparts to use from your computer, then you can embed these cliparts into your newsletters

  4. Templates - Templates has been a very popular feature. It allows you to create a standard format which your whole school can use. Once Templates are created, you can go back to the Templates area to start off from a particular template. A common use would be to template your school’s paper newsletter design and use it over and over again

  5. Add Attachments - Now you can add an attachment to a newsletter. Some of you may want to use this to send a newsletter that you created in word or pdf. But remember – open rates from “busy” parents are low when it comes to attachments, so my advice is to create newsletters within the newsletter editor

We at Kinderlime strongly believe in saving you paper. While we teach our kids to conserve – lets do it ourselves. Paperless newsletters would be a good way to start

Check In-Out in Children’s Ministries and Churches

23 Feb

sign in-outKinderlime is a great service for Church Sunday school and Children’s Ministries. You don’t have to rely on paper any more. The parents can check in the children using a 4 digit pin (on an iPad) when they come into leave their children in your care. A checkin or a checkout triggers a notification for the parents as an added security measure. If you want to make it even more secure, you can have them do a signature on the iPad as well.

Kinderlime website has attendance reports for when the children attended your care.

So simplify your sunday school and your children’s ministries by heading right now to the Kinderlime website and register for our Sign In-Out app.

iPad based Staff Timeclock for Childcare

21 Feb

Are you still dealing with a manual timeclock in this age of iPad and Tablets?

Ever asked yourself, how much time it takes for you to track staff hours? You should try the Kinderlime Sign In-Out app which enables teacher and staff time tracking. You can get how many hours the staff worked each day and send that excel sheet off to your payroll.

Its extremely easy to use and works with a 3 digit pin code for staff. The teachers see the same check in screen as the parents, so it goes with the parent check in system.


You get beautiful reports to send off to payroll. Don’t break your head tracking staff time anymore. Get started on the Kinderlime website in 5min and simplify your life. There are better things to worry about in life than tracking how much time your employees worked  ;) Whether you are a childcare, preschool or afterschool program – this  iPad app will work well for you.



Kinderlime as a marketing feature during Tours

3 Jan

Our preschools and childcare programs have started using Kinderlime as their differentiator against  competition. They tell parents about Kinderlime in their tours. At one level Kinderlime enhances the security in the school by providing immediate email notification to parent the moment child is dropped off and picked up.

At a deeper level Kinderlime is your goto communication tool with parents. A mom who is enrolling her 2 year old, is thinking about how she’ll know if her child is ok or not in your care. Our directors tell parents during the tour that they use Kinderlime to send them pictures during the day. Show them a few pictures that you have sent from last year. Let them know – how much you care about your families and children.

Use Kinderlime help you connect with anxious parents. A guilt ridden parent is absolutely thrilled to receive a picture of their happy child while they drive back to work. What was a retention risk, becomes a loyal customer now.

Kinderlime increases your enrollments and retention. Signup for Kinderlime today and try our program free for two weeks.



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