Child Care Daily Sheets: How to Stand Out

Child Care Daily SheetsChild care daily sheets were created to keep parents informed of their child’s development and growth. They are a tool used to keep parents connected to their child, even when they are not there. However, too many child care centers have turned daily sheets into a mundane report, and overlook the opportunity given to them.

 Child care daily sheets have the potential to make parents feel connected to their child at the end of the day and helps you make positive and meaningful connections with parents. Instead of viewing the child care daily sheet as a report, see it as a way to show off how amazing your child care center and staff truly are. Here are a few tips on how you can use daily sheets to stand out from the crowd.


How to Make your Child Care Daily Sheets Stand Out


.Be Prepared

The extra effort put into daily sheets can be potentially time consuming (and child care directors need every minute they can get). Thankfully, a little pre-emptive thought into your daily sheets can save a great amount of time, as well as keep down your stress level.

Use Kinderlime’s daily sheet template to create a report that can be used for all children in your program. You may not know if Susie will like tomorrow’s lunch or activities, but you do know what you will be serving and what activities you will be doing. This allows your staff and teachers to only worry about inputting the unique and detailed information into each child’s daily sheet report.


Go Electronic

Many parents may appreciate the time and effort you put into your paper daily sheets, but paper has a way of getting lost. With e-mail you are providing a way for parents to easily locate their daily sheets. Aside from being convenient, your electronic daily sheets are environmentally friendly (a sheet for every child each day can add up). Sending an electronic child care daily sheet also gives you the opportunity to attach photos of your child’s day.

Still unsure about the perks of going electronic? Which daily sheet would you prefer?

                           Electronic                                                                                       Paper

paper child care daily sheets electronic child care daily sheets


 .Share Photos

Child Care Daily Sheets

There is practically no parent on the planet that doesn’t love seeing photos of their child having a great day. Sending a young child to a daycare or preschool can be a huge challenge for many parents. They leave staff with a crying child, and worry all day about whether they are making friends or having a fun time.

Child care staff and teachers do their best to tell parents about the fun day their child had, and the new friends he or she made, but a picture is worth a 1,000 words. Sending photo of a child will put parents at ease, and show how much your child care center cares. Use the Kinderlime Daily Sheets app to easily take, edit, manage and share photos with your parents.



We do our best to say hello and have conversations with our parents during pickup and drop-off, but sometimes there just isn’t enough time. Daily sheets are an additional opportunity to communicate with parents.

Child Care Daily Sheets Note

Leave a blank section on your child care daily sheets to say whatever is needed. This blank section can be used for reminders, thank yous, praises, inspirational quotes and more. This is the space to tell parents the things you don’t’ always have time to tell in person, as well as a space to be creative.


Be thoughtful

Simply putting a little extra thought and care into what you write to parents in a daily sheet can make all the difference. Instead of telling parents what activities their child did that day, describe how they did and what they enjoyed. By making a daily sheet personal, you are standing out and showing you care.

Creating personalized daily reports doesn’t only make parents happy, but creates trusting and meaningful connections with parents. Parents will know you truly care about their child, and feel comfortable coming to you with any problems they may have.

In child care, word of mouth remains to be the best marketing tool for increasing enrollment.  When the time comes for a parent to choose a child care program, they will choose the program with staff and teachers that are thoughtful, and have proven they are willing to go above and beyond.


To learn more about how you can stand out with innovative and thoughtful child care daily sheets, check out Kinderlime’s Daily Sheet App.


Child Care Software Helps FairStage Academy Dream Big

Child Care Software Helps FairStage Academy Dream Big


Ryan Lea and Evan Summers were riding home on a bus in Manchester after work one day. During the journey home, a group of bored children started to throw rocks at the bus. Instead of becoming annoyed with the disturbance of the young rock throwers, Ryan and Evan saw something missing in the Manchester community, and wanted to make a change. They wanted to provide a space where children could thrive and learn outside of school hours.

Ryan and Evan’s lives have been greatly impacted by performing arts, theater and dance, and they hoped to share these passions with children from all aspects of life. They firmly believed that all children should have the opportunity to experience the performing arts, so in 2012 the FairStage Academy was established.

The FairStage Academy started to offer classes and workshops at a very affordable price, making the program accessible for families of all incomes. Children from the ages of 3-17 had the opportunity to learn ballet, tap, jazz, disco, drama, singing and more!


Child Care Software

FairStage Academy’s ballerina performance


The FairStage Academy quickly exceeded Ryan and Evan’s expectations. It grew from an idea between two people, to a team of inspirational drama, dance, and singing teachers. The children and the Manchester community fell in love with the FairStage Academy.

The amount of children signing up for their program continued to grow and grow. But, as the FairStage Academy grew, it became apparent that the sign in-out and drop off process was getting out of hand. When the FairStage Academy first started, it was easy to keep track on a simple paper sign in and out sheet the children that were coming and leaving the academy. After more and more children started to attend, Ryan and Evan needed a way to ensure all children and their parents were being safely and securely signed in and out of the academy.

Ryan and Evan began to do some research in hopes of finding an answer to the rapid growth of their program. They came across Kinderlime’s child care software on the iTunes store, and, in Ryan’s words, “immediately fell in love.” It was clear right away that Kinderlime was the missing piece to their fast growing academy.


Child Care Software

2014 Summer Production


Kinderlime’s child care software made it quick and easy for parents to sign in and out their children, and did all of the attendance tracking and billing for Evan and Ryan. They no longer needed to store and calculate paper attendance reports and do paper invoices. Instead they had access to all of the attendance reports and invoices with the simple click of a button.  While attendance tracking and a simplified sign in and out process was what drew Ryan and Evan to Kinderlime, it was only a small portion of the help Kinderlime provided.

Ryan, Evan and their staff were able to use the Kinderlime app as an incredible safety tool. They now could easily access which group each child was in, which staff they are with, as well as have access to all emergency contact information in case of a fire drill or emergency. The best part, the FairStage Academy no longer had a need to carry around clip boards or binders. They could quickly access student and roster information from the app on the FairStage Academy phones and tablets.


FairStage Academy Child Care Software

Star dancers at FairStage Academy


With the additional time Kinderlime’s child care software had given the FairStage Academy, they were able to focus on their passion of teaching performing arts to all children. They expanded the FairStage Academy team, and gave each child the opportunity to perform in a high quality production. Ryan, Evan and their team continue to teach more students daily how to only be amazing performers, but how to dream, work hard, and JUST GO FOR IT!

5 Ways to Simplify Child Care Billing

5 Ways to Simplify Child Care Billing


It’s the first week of the month, and you just spent hours upon hours creating, printing and sending weekly invoices to parents. Instead of  focusing on the  next month’s activities for your child care program, you are recording payments, and chasing down parents who are late on their tuition. The child care billing process has become tedious , and is taking too much time away from the important parts of your child care program.

This situation is too common in child care centers. While we can’t make the billing process vanish, a few small changes can make make a vast difference. Here are 5 simple ways you can simplify the child care billing process:


1. Collect Online Payments

Collecting payments on time is an enormous challenge for many child care centers. We can’t control late paying parents, but we can make it as easy as possible for parents to pay. In the digital age, parents are doing almost everything online from holiday shopping to ordering dinner. Almost every parent carries a credit card, but cash and checks are frequently left at home.

Give parents the option to pay online with a credit card or set up automatic withdrawal for tuition with their bank account. This makes it much easier for busy parents to pay, and, most importantly, child care owners to collect.

Not sure how to start offering online payments to your parents? Try using a child care billing software. This will not only help parents easily pay online, but make it easy for you to send and update invoices for parents.


2. Be Consistent

It’s easy to let a late pick up slide, or cut a parent some slack when their tuition is late. While we may think we are helping, in actuality we are just hurting ourselves. Most parents may mean well, but if you let a late fee or payment slide, it is much more likely to happen again. By staying consistent you are simply enforcing the rules, and letting parents know it’s not personnel.

However, we know staying consistent can be much easier said than done. Try using Kinderlime’s Late Fee Notice to help hold parent’s (and yourself) accountable. By giving parents an advance notice of the late fees they have accrued, you avoid surprises and angry parents in the future.



3. Make it Simple

At Kinderlime, we hear all kinds of child care billing methods, and have quickly learned what works, and what does not. While there are many different ways of billing, the most effective forms all have one thing in common: they are often simple.

To make the child care billing process as easy as possible, maintain a consistent billing schedule, and avoid intricate rates and discounts. The simpler you make it, the easier it is when invoicing time comes around. Using these tips will help you keep the child care billing process simple and effective:

-Minimize the amount of Invoices Sent to Parents

While it may be nice to receive weekly payments, the time it takes to create, send, and receive a weekly invoice can simply take too much time. By sending parents an invoice once or twice a month, you are simplifying the billing process for you and your parents.

-Create basic hourly rates

Charging hourly is a great choice for many after school programs. You are directly being paid for the exact amount of time a child spent in your center. However, hourly billing can make child care billing tedious when programs charge different rates depending on the amount of time the child has attended that day.

Try and stick to a one time hourly rate, as adding too many variables not only makes billing harder on you, but is confusing for the parents. A straightforward billing process will decrease the billing disputes from parents, and give you more time to focus on other aspects of your child care program.


4. Give parents a reminder

While we hope parents get in the habit of paying tuition on time, the truth is, we could all use a reminder once in a while. Sometimes a simple reminder is all parents need to remember to grab their checkbook or pay online. Here are a few creative and effective ways to help parents pay their tuition on time:,

-Send an e-mail blast

Sending an e-mail blast is easy and effective. Create or use our tuition reminder template, so you can quickly create and send out your tuition reminder.

Child Care Billing Tuition Reminder

For those tech savvy parents, you could also try a text blast. After messaging your parents it will be harder for them to forget than remember.


-Post a tuition reminder sign

For the parents who do not use text or e-mail, a sign is a great way to catch the attention of parents. Be sure to put a sign in a location where parents will see it, such as near the sign in-out location, or on the front door.


-Create a photo message

Tuition is Due Child Care Billing

While emails and signs work fine, getting a little creative will produce a reminder that parents will never forget. Work with your staff and kids to create a photo message blast. Take photos using the Kinderlime Daily Sheets app and make child care billing a little more fun.




5. Go Paperless

Child care billing invoices, receipts, and late fee notices are not just wasting huge amounts of paper, but take time to create, print and distribute. Thankfully, going paperless expedites the tedious billing process.

File cabinets, manual tracking, and human error mistakes become a thing of the past. Online child care billing software can do everything from calculating, creating and sending invoices, to recording and maintaining family account history. Getting online, and moving your billing process to a child care management software can make the world of a difference.


If you are interested in learning more about how you can save time, and expedite your billing process, head over to Kinderlime and request a demo.

Top 6 Daycare Forms for Getting Started

Daycare Forms for Getting Started.

Creating quality daycare forms is important, but time consuming. It’s Kinderlime’s goal to help you spend the least amount of time on paperwork possible. We have put together a list of the top daycare forms for getting started, so you don’t have to spend the time creating them yourself.


Top 6 Daycare Forms for Getting Started


1. Daycare Enrollment Form

No child can start at your daycare before first filling out an enrollment form. This form contains all of the basic child, parent, and emergency information needed for a child to get started at your daycare.

Aside from basic contact info, you will want to ask parents if they work, and where. This will help give insight into your clients, and provide additional emergency contact information.

Be sure to include any licensing required information on the form. Most child care licensing requires immunization and medical records.  Look into your state requirements before handing out enrollment forms to ensure you ask for all required information.You may also want to ask  parents about a child’s likes, dislikes, and allergies. This will help staff when creating a meal plan.

While the main goal of the enrollment form is to gather basic demographic and health information, try delving deeper into what the new child is like. Ask about previous experience in daycare,  how the parents would like their child to grow in your center, and what environment their child thrives in. This will shows your concern for the new child, and help you in creating a quality daycare experience.

ScreenshotdaycareenrollmentformDaycare Enrollment Form PDF


2. Sign In and Out Sheet

The daycare sign in-out sheet is simple, yet possibly the must used document in your daycare. It is essential for licensing, billing, parent communication, and more.

The most challenging aspect of sign in and sheets is not the sheet itself, but human error. Let parents know the importance of signing the sheet properly, and using the correct time. Keep a digital clock by the sign in-out sheet to make things as easy as possible for parents.

Binders are a great way to store, protect and organize your sign in and out sheets. However, If you would prefer to go paperless, and do away with binders and paper, look into Kinderlime’s Sign In and Out App. Going electronic will make staying organized effortless, as well make the sign in-out process easy for parents.


Sign In and Out Sheet PDF


3. Daily Sheet

Daily sheets are an incredible tool in tracking a child’s progress, maintaining communication with parents, and sharing a child’s achievements. For these reasons, it is important to create a thorough report for parents and the child’s records.

A child goes through many developments and changes during their first years. Daily sheets will track a child’s great developmental achievements, as well as catch any possible problems early on. Keep a copy of a child’s daily sheets to easily track a child’s progress.

Depending on your children, parents, staff and daycare size, you may want to adjust the format of your daily sheet. At Kinderlime we have created a daily sheet that offers both multiple choice and detailed description options.

If you are concerned that your daily sheet is not providing you with the right balance of quality and time efficiency, then we suggest you look into Kinderlime’s Daily Sheets App. This app will allow you to make personalized templates, with the option of putting in additional detailed information, making it the ideal daily sheet choice for daycares that want to be both thorough, and minimize the time spent on creating a quality daily sheet.


Daily Sheet PDF


4. Daycare Billing Late Fee Notice

Handling late payments and pickups is possibly the least enjoyable part of daycare billing. No one likes to be the barer of bad news. However, it is important to stay on top of late fees starting day one.

Before parents even start at your program, give them a clear written description of what is expected. Let them know what late fees will be given if their child is picked up late, or if a payment is not made on time. Clearly laying out what is expected will help you avoid parent disagreements.

The daycare billing late fee form is created to inform parents of late fees, as well as ensure they do not have any surprises when billing time comes around. When parents understand they are being charged a late fee, they will try much harder in the future to avoid any late fee costs.

By staying consistent with late fees, and tuition payments, parents will be more likely to respect your time, and understand that late fees are not personal.


Late Fee Notice PDF

5. Emergency Drill Log

When it comes to running a daycare, safety comes first. Before the doors ever open to your daycare, you will want to ensure you are adhering to all child care licensing safety requirements, as well as ensure your staff are trained on all safety procedures.

There are many precautions that need to be taken to ensure the safety of your program, including emergency preparedness. This emergency drill log will help  you stay on top of keeping your daycare prepared for anything that may come its way.

It is recommended to schedule emergency drills in advance. Let parents know when all drills will be conducted, so they can avoid picking up children during this time. This also gives parents the opportunity  to discuss the importance of drills with their children.

A typical daycare center will want to prepare for fires, lockdowns, and any natural disasters that occur in the area (ex. tornados, earthquakes).  Before starting a drill,  come up with a drill plan and discuss the plan with your staff. Performing emergency drills not only prepares the children, but also prepares you and your daycare staff.


Emergency Drill Log PDF


6. Accident/Injury Report

While every daycare hopes to avoid injuries and accidents, it is practically unavoidable. Accident/injury reports help you communicate with parents any injuries or accidents that may have occurred while their child was in daycare.

This report is used to give information of how the injury occurred, first aid that was administered, and any other additional information the parent may need to know.

While it is important to give the parent a written report, you absolutely can not forget to discuss the incident personally as well. Be sure to give parents a call, or if a very minor injury, let parents know immediately upon pickup. While formal documentation is important, nothing shows you care more than in person communication with parents.

Once you have discussed the accident/injury with the child’s parents, follow up with them as needed. You want to ensure the child is healing properly, as well as avoid putting the child in any situations where he/she could make the injury worse.

Keep all accident/injury reports on file. For insurance purposes, it is best to keep reports on file for at least 3 years. In the case of a lawsuit, you will want to be sure you have thorough documentation. It’s also helpful for keeping children safe in the future. If you find that children are most frequently injured playing a particular game, it may be time to find a new favorite game for your daycare.

screenshotaccidentinjury4Daycare Accident Injury Report PDF


To learn about how you can replace daycare forms and paper sign in and out sheets  with Kinderlime,  watch our Kinderlime video and request a demo.

Kinderlime Takes the Pain Out of Daycare Billing

taking the pain out of daycare billing

Daycare billing can be a painful and time consuming task. In an ideal world, daycare programs would spend less time tracking invoices and chasing down parents, and more time creating a quality daycare.

Thankfully, Kinderlime, the leading child care management software, is here to make the daycare billing process a little more manageable.

When it comes to daycare parents, there are two kinds –

1. The Angels: These are the parents that pay tuition on time and almost never pick up their child late. These parents also attend school events, and are truly involved in your daycare.

2. The Runners:  These are the parents you constantly chase to collect tuition or after school payments. These  are also the the parents who never read notices.

The runners are what makes daycare billing a challenge. Runner seek more time to pay tuition, and don’t want to pay late fees. As a business owner, you want to keep these conversations short and pleasant, but as you may know, this is often much easier said than done.

But,  At some point you need to ask yourself…

Why did I start working in child care?

 Was it to run after parents to collect tuition?

Or, was it to provide a safe and nurturing environment for your parents kids?


How to Take the Pain out of Daycare Billing

You want to spend less time creating and collecting invoices, but how? Kinderlime’s child care management and daycare billing software will help take the load off of you.

The sign in out system keeps parent disputes to a minimum. Instead of trying to decipher scribbles on a paper sign in sheet, your reports are replaced with an electronic sign in out app that records and tracks your attendance records.

The electronic billing allows you to go paperless and start electronic payments. Parents can enter their bank account or credit card details, helping you stay in control of their payments. Alternatively parents can pay online themselves after they receive an invoice from you. With Kinderlime, the electronic payments are automatically transferred to the daycare’s bank account.

Kinderlime gives you flexibility – you are free to do contract billing or time clock based billing. In contract billing, you can choose if you want weekly or monthly invoices sent out to parents. In time clock based billing – you can charge the parents by the hour or the number of days their children spend in your child care program.

Electronic payments for after school / child care  billing gives you the following advantages –

1. No paperwork – Less time. Big savings. You don’t have to do any paperwork and tracking . Kinderlime typically saves half an accountant and half an office manager. Savings are from creating invoices, maintaining excel, chasing parents and doing the trip to the bank

2. You are in control. Always have payments on time

3. Accurate. Let Kinderlime do the work for you in calculating the charges for contract or time clock based billing

If you do want to see how you can free yourself from paper chores and arguments with parents, request a demo to go paperless.